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I disagree, but won't post why here.
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Quite literally, you don't, unless you've read through the topic and the person (moderator or group owner) has stated they are locking the topic. If you are talking about the POP topic, I locked it and stated that I was locking it in the message I added to it just before doing so.

That's one of the disadvantages of e-mail lists when it comes to locked topics. There's no lock icon as there is on the web interface that shows that a topic is locked and no other way to communicate that information other than to state it in a message immediately prior to locking.

As a general note to the readership at large, when the Group Owner of any group suggests a topic be closed, that should never be taken as an invitation to open a new topic on the same subject. It's a clear indicator that the subject itself is not felt to be suitable to the venue in question. Since the NVDA group does have a chat subgroup, and it seems to have picked up some new "regulars" recently, I would encourage those with topics that may be technical, but not tied in to using NVDA in any meaningful way, to start those topics on the chat subgroup.


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