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That would merely fragment a thread.
You have to allow some variance. Any topic about access to software here has the subtxt implied that it has to be usable with nvda, otherwise you would not post it on here in the first place. I do not want even more lists, this list was being moderated to my liking before. Nobody forced anyone to read all the mail.
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And, I would encourage those of us going off topic in the regular group
on a thread, pointing at myself at times, to send a message to the
effect that all future answers not related to NVDA will be made in the
chat group. That way those who don't want to read the off topic posts
don't have to, and those who do can switch groups and keep on chatting
and participating in the non-NVDA related discussions.


On 2/28/2019 5:26 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
This information needs the occasional bump and repetition, so I'm
giving it one:

For those who really wish to chat about any topic not directly
NVDA-related with people they know from the NVDA Group via a list, you
can subscribe to the chat subgroup. Here are the addresses:

* Post: <>
* Subscribe:
* Unsubscribe:
* Group Owner:
* Help: <>

Since the Chat Group is really just beginning to ramp up, I'd even
encourage you to make "See Chat" posts to the main group as the signal
flare that you're asking about something there, or sharing information
there. For example, "See Chat: Looking for Advice on TalkBack from
those who use it," after you've created a topic there to let people
know that the topic exists and to take a look. It then allows the
conversation to be as freewheeling as the participants wish in the
Chat subgroup.

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