Re: Chat Solutions for NVDA users

Sam Bushman

Please tell us how you use zoom with youtube streams.

I use zoom for meetings all the time and yes it does talk quite well. However, chat is kind of hard.



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Looks like they did. I use zoom on windows almost every day on my youtube streams, in fact I use nothingn but zoom and it's working quite well over here.

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Did zoom fix its accessibility issues for nvda?

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Hello Sam and all,

the last time I tried, Google Meet looked quite good, it’s included in GSuite.

You might want to look into Zoom’s business solutions too.

I have worked with the Zoom client using Mac, Iphone and Windows and they really make an effort to make their app accessible. I just had a quick look at Zoom Cloud Meetings and it looks really good with NVDA.

Thanks and kind regards,


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