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JM Casey

Hm, yes I noticed that updater as well, it’s running in background even though I haven’t used the browser in a while. I’ll see if it uninstalls with the programme on my system.


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Even after removing it, it left a program in the startup that was to update it.  I don't know why it didn't remove the update program after the uninstall.  I had to go into the directory where it had been installed, and remove the update program manually after killing it from task manager.  A reboot, and it went away, and hasn't come back, but I'm fairly sure there's still some mention of it in my registry, though I've not checked just yet, but I think that's something I'll have to do just to make sure it's truly gone.  I don't like programs that insert themselves into my boot sequence.  Wait until I run the silly thing, then ask me if I want to update it or not.  I don't believe I'll be using vivaldi anytime in the future, even if they do manage to make it completely accessible, just because of that little stunt.


On 2/28/2019 9:13 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

That is a problem what happened when you tried to uninstall that brouser out of interest.

That what eventually drove me away from a lot of bundled things, they always managed to screw somet6hing up after uninstall.

I once had a network wide security package which was really good till it did something I didn't want it to do and decided to change it.

On removing it completely, it blocked and dammaged so much of windows I had to reformat all my pcs to say the least I was happy I never payed money for it.



On 1/03/2019 11:57 AM, Travis Siegel wrote:

When I tried it several months ago, it worked, though it didn't work well enough to make it a primary browser.  I did have one heck of a time getting it uninstalled though. 

This brave browser is based on chromium, which means it's opensource, so if you're concerned about security, go look at the source code, and set your mind to rest.

On 2/28/2019 4:28 PM, Andy wrote:

Vivaldi!  What a neat name for a browser!




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Indeed, there are many other Chromium browsers out there.

Which reminds me, has anybody else taken Vivaldi for a spin?

I love how customisable it is but so far my screen-reader experience is a bit cluttered, and not all controls behave as I think they should.

It should be tweakable though.



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Well its the latest chromium alternertive.

FFull add blocking and extra security.

review here.

I do caution users, in the article link I pasted above the eventual plan for brave is to replace all adds from other's websites and tracks with its own adds and trackers or at least thats what I read.

Some antimalware and security tools detect brave as malware though they say its false.

Reviews seem generally good now, but I am not sure.

If this brouser is replacing adds with its own, there is no garantee that eventually you trade a malware free environment with using another echosystem, with its own adds, trackers, and malware thrown in.

This is a really new project, its not the first chromium sourced brouser and it will not be the last.

One other thing to note, its not a main stay brouser like chrome, firefox, ie and edge, so interface wize while it may be good, a supported brouser that is supported is better than one which may have issues.

Now saying that with nvda that probably doesn't matter as such because of the fact nvda itself is basically a scripted program built using modern techniques and using commen os access commands and apis.

But Its probable that if you run something like dolphin stuff you won't get access and its unlikely that it would be supported by jaws or anything like that.

The thing I don't care for is trading all the malware I have to deal with now with eventually another person's adds.

If I am ready to do this, I may as well uninstall my antimalware software and turn off my firewall.

Users do have glowing reviews right now but its new.


Now if you want to try it you probably won't have any issues doing so however who knows.

Ports come and go.

It may have some big names developing it but look at piriform.

CCleaner is a good program, it used to be really good till piriform went with avast.

Now ccleaner is its own malware, and sadly it does do malwareish things, trying to have quickclean run, and a entire load of other things I have to modify my ini file every day or so.

Its interface or at least the main interface panel is total crap access wize.

And it comes with avast which is total crap access wize to.

I used to use programs with dvdvideosoftware they used to have google spyware in them and I don't care about google because I use that but later it had conduit then opencandy, then a lot of other junk and I had to get rid of it and reformat my system to get rid of all the extra junkware.

Sadly it seems to be the rage, any software that is bundled with any software is pritty much malware because most of the time the user has not requested that software so its malware.

THats another issue with brave, it does not block google adds or google trackers, so we know who is funding brave now.

Now if brave got cash from doubleclick, yahoo adds and all the other add makers to have their adds unblocked then we have a problem.

I know that with waterfox I have full control, and I have blocked google and all sort of extras.



On 28/02/2019 11:12 AM, Gene wrote:

If people do a Google or other search engine search for something like Brave browser review, they may find knowledgeable assessments of the browser. 



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How do we know this is a safe browser?



Dan Beaver (KC4DOY)

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