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You mention in the blog that there is still more planned to improve responsiveness. What is planned for snapshots in this regard?

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Hi thanks, very interesting. Yes you need somebody with an overall view to organise stuff, so hope he can cope!
Programmers can be a difficult bunch to work with as they tend to have their own views on a lot of stuff.
Believe me I know...

I agree about responsiveness but also some of the responsiveness elsewhere needs a look. recent threads in the user list on lack of reading  infoo with alt/tab or when folders are first opened etc, as also in web browsers sometimes has been an intermittent problem for some time, so if somebody could look at that it might be nice. I suspect the answer  is in an old bit of code from way back which just does not see events or pass them on or it gets overwritten by something else.

Do people really come to computers as a blind person not knowing the basic keystrokes of Windows though? It has not been my experience generally, but often those who have become blinder, over the years who were mouse people can be in this category, and I think it does need saying in documents that this is an nvda command but this is a windows native command and that can make it a lot easier to troubleshoot problems folk are having.

No shant be going to the states, sorry!

My brain hurts thinking of it. I used to exhibit at small computer shows here in the UK back in the 90s, but I  found the throngs of bodies and noise far too distracting, and usually lost my voice by the end of the day.
Anyway thanks again and as I do not want to be grabbed by the talons of our new moderator, I'll add the phrase that this is not a conversation, merely a reaction to your article.
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Hi everyone,

I've got a bumper issue today!

In this week's In-Process: NV Access responds to user feedback, we're a
Google Summer of Code mentor organisation, preparations for #csunatc19,
news on NVDA 2019.1, our new GM and more!  Plus, a novel to read, what a
huge issue of In-Process!

Read it here:


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