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David Goldfield

It's been a while since I've used this browser and so things may have improved. When I last tried it using the menu was difficult as the menu items were included in the virtual buffer, as though the items were part of the Web page. I believe the items were actionable but, until this issue is resolved, it made using the browser not worth the aggravation.

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Also, it doesn’t synchronise your stuff like Chrome does across devices.  A No-No for me.


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I read the PC World review, which I would suggest people who are interested in the browser read. 

The browser isn't any faster than other browsers.  it is loding considerably less information because, at the moment, it isn't loading advertising.  They will get, at least that is their intention, advertising over time. 


I don't understand enough about how their advertising system will work to evaluate itfrom an ethical perspective or from a perspective of whether the browser will survive or how advertising will affect speed as it is added. 


Also, and I don't know if people use enough Chrome extensions to matter, but a lot of extensions won't work in Brave.  They have to be adapted.


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I installed it last night, and it feels just like Chrome, in fact, it uses
many Chrome elements including the Chrome Web store.


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> Well brave browser is very fast and the good thing about it is that you
> have a built in add blocker. I am using the windows 10 latest version. It
> is just like google chrome
> On 3/1/2019 12:50 PM, Brice Mijares wrote:
>> I won't touch it until a portable version comes out.

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