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Yes, the issue is the Windows environment which causes havoc with the NVDA each time it is updated. As a result, one day NVDA is working just fine and the next it is sputtering, stuttering, and you have to restart it so frequently. The situation is so frustrating that I am considering switching to a Mac computer.

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I don't believe that is true at all. The issue you mention applies to all screenreaders, and is why there are fewer than their were.
My reading of the situation is this, but its my opinion and I do not want to start a war here, so if you want to discuss this use a more general group.
1 Windows is effectively putting out a new version of windows every 6 months. This gives problems to screenreaders as they do change a lot of the api.
2. They are really ramping up Narrator development and changing keys to agree more with NVDA by the looks of recent releases.
3 A lot of people are still clinging to Windows 7 as they did with XP, and of course this complicates things a lot.
Due to new changes in Windows for example the new ARM processor architecture is being implemented for windows and most people are going to then have to cater for.
32 bit X86, 32 bit and 64 bit new architecture and the current multi core I series of 64 bit chips as well.
Thus NVDA has to move to Python 3.x as I see Dropbox also has recently, and that is not a trivial issue considering the changes to the language and all the various add ons and bits of code written by contributors out there.
It might get a bit rough, but unless somebody else quits then I think things will get better. The more complex things get the more can and does go wrong.

I do think that NVDA is coping well with the changes up to now, and do not think that Jaws has got away Scot free, I saw many updates last year and although I have not signed up this year as any changes will only affect windows 10 which I am avoiding as long as possible for the reasons mentioned, then I do not know. It seems to me that Jaws are effectively inventing mini apps to cope with things that they cannot cope with. This started with virtual ribbon emulation of old menus etc. I actually like that idea as to me ribbons only make sense to the sighted with an overview, but that is debatable and not something I want to get into on here.
Look at it this way though, it does seem that if you really want to keep up you may need to learn Narrator and nvda and sometimes even Jaws who can of course afford to do more with their larger budget.
Oh, and talking about Jamie? I have seen several recent code changes from him in the last few days, and he is active on the github list as well, so he is still around.


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I haven't updated NVDA since 2018.1 due to issues that seemed to crop up
around every release. Now I'm hearing from others in a Skype group I'm a
member of that NVDA has been going downhill since Jamie left the project
and it's going to die outright soon because it can't keep up with

NVDA has been my screen-reader of choice since I discovered it in late
2011 and I don't want it to be forever lost. I can't donate right now,
and I'm not a programmer, but is there anything I can do to help? This
project has been a faithful friend to me and I want to fight for it in
any way I possibly can.

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