Wreckless drivers

Brian Tew

I got braille to work with windows narrator, but there is a problem.
In the settings under "choose a default driver for your braille display" there are three possible drivers listed, to wit:
libusb win32 freedom scientific focus 3, 1 of 3
narrator: libusb1.0 freedom scientific focus 3, 2 of 3
focus 3 braille display usb 3 of 3

If I choose the second driver narrator outputs braille, but nvda will not.
If I choose the third driver nvda outputs braille but narrator will not.
What's a poor widow to do? I need both screenreaders to do dots.

Can I somehow get narrator to use the second driver and nvda to use the third driver automatically?
Maybe using the old assoc command (I am comfortable using terminal commands)?
Any suggestions are appreciated.
running windows 10 on a x86/64 desktop.

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