Re: backing up thunderbird


If you have POP, rather than IMAP, turned on, you will have a much harder time transferring messages. You may want to check your gmail settings and disable pop, I really don't get why people download messages anyway, and make sure that IMAP is actually enabled. Both could be off, which is why gmail won't connect straight away if you've never poked about in the settings. If you use IMAP, all your messages go with you, no matter where you are, because TB is fetching them from the server directly. POP, you'd have to manually transfer all your messages from machine to machine because POP settings download the messages, and is not accessing the message info directly. I gotta run, so can't give keyboard instructions on how to change these settings in gmail, but if using the basic view, on the gmail website, go to the settings link, then go to the, forwarding/pop IMAP link inside settings. The settings are radio buttons that say enable or disable for either pop or IMAP.

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