Re: adding exceptions to the windows firewall in windows 10


As an aside, you absolutely, positively should not have to touch Windows Firewall when it comes to Windows Updates, including Feature Updates.

If your system is being cranky about doing a Feature Update, there are multiple ways around that issue.  The same technique that is used to do an "install-over repair upgrade" should be used to do an actual Feature Update on a machine that gets stuck, for whatever reason.  The only difference is that it's not attempting to repair the same version of Windows 10, but to upgrade it to the next version.   Take your pick from the following three sets of instructions, all of which are telling you how to do exactly the same thing:

Doing an In-place "Upgrade" to Reinstall Windows 10 Keeping Apps/Programs and User Files

Non Destructive Repair of Windows 10 - Answers to commonly asked questions

How to: Perform a Repair Upgrade Using the Windows 10 ISO file


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