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Hendrik Steyn <groothendrik.steyn@...>

+1 Erik

I use google forms all the time at work and it works well. You can mix questions (some multiple choice and others short and long answers etc.) Survey monkey is another choice, although make sure you know what you are getting into. If you have a paid account, all's well, but the free acount does have some limitations.

Hope this helps


On 3/3/2019 11:18 PM, erik burggraaf wrote:
I haven't created any surveys with qualtrix, but I've taken a lot of them, and they are sketchy in the extreme.

I feel that even if you hacked one into being somehow, a lot of assistive technology users would be barriered from completing it. Qualtrix is simply a bad idea.

Survey monkey and google forms are both very accessible for creation and distribution.  Formstack is another great tool.  If qualtrix dowsn't want to comply, they can go bankrupt and the industry won't miss them.



On March 3, 2019 1:27:44 PM enes sarıbaş <enes.saribas@...> wrote:

hi all,

I need to conduct a survey as part of my masters project, and the things
I am doing, require me to use Qualtrics. However, the program doesn't
seem to be very accessible. For instance, I cannot change question type
to something which isn't multiple choice. Is there a way to use this
accessibly with NVDA? Have any other members used this software?

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