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Well good luck to you Joseph. It can be hard sometimes as there is a proverb here in the uK Let the willing horse carry the load, but they forget about the limits of that load!

It can be hard even at my age when lots of things I feel passionate about come along to prioritise what to do.
Lets just say one humbling statement for us all to remember is this. The cemeteries are full of people who were indispensable.
The world will get along, in the end, you can only do so much.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Joseph Lee's add-ons and NVDA 2019.1: supported add-ons are compatible

Hi all,

Also, I'm taking a break from everything that has to do with NVDA for a few
weeks so I can get my health back. After a busy weekend and doing some
internal translations work, it has become clear to me that I have sort of
reached the limit as to how many things I can do at once. Thus, in order to
concentrate on things outside of NVDA, I'm suspending all work related to
NVDA, including add-on releases and development, code contribution and what
not (for translators: I have resigned from translation work, but did say
I'll help out with 2019.1 translations).

In case folks would like to reach me online, emails will work. For those
wishing to (finally) meet me offline, although I won't be going to CSUN
conference due to scheduling conflicts, I'll be going to a national speech
tournament in April to be held at Santa Ana, California.



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Subject: [nvda] Joseph Lee's add-ons and NVDA 2019.1: supported add-ons are

Hi everyone,

As agreed to between add-on authors a few weeks ago (announcing
compatibility statements between beta 1 and official release), I'd like to
let folks know that supported add-ons coming from me are compatible with
NVDA 2019.1. Supported add-ons include:

* Add-on Updater
* Easy Table Navigator
* Enhanced Touch Gestures
* Golden Cursor (maintenance only)
* GoldWave
* ObjPad
* Object Location Tones
* Resource Monitor
* Screen Curtain (experimental)
* StationPlaylist Studio
* SystrayList
* Virtual Review
* Windows 10 App Essentials

Important notices regarding some of these:

* Add-on Updater: 30 days after release of NVDA 2019.1, support for
2018.4 will be dropped from this add-on.
* StationPlaylist Studio: for people using 18.09.x-LTS, after release
of 18.09.8 in April, 18.09.x will enter bug fix only mode. Also, for those
using stable releases, version 19.06 and later will require Studio 5.20 and
* Windows 10 App Essentials: 30 days after release of NVDA 2019.1,
support for 2018.3 will be dropped from this add-on as for add-on
maintenance policy (supporting current and immediate past releases).

For add-ons dropping support for older NVDA releases:

1. Although I did say 30 days, the schedule is a bit flexible, and I'll
let you know when support for older NVDA releases ends.
2. For people using Add-on Updater (or for that matter, NVDA 2019.1
beta 1 and later), ending support for old NVDA releases means add-on
manifest will be edited to reflect this change.

Lastly, although not stated in the subject line, once Python 3 version of
NVDA ships, most (if not all) add-ons maintained by me will require that
version of NVDA at some point in the future. To help out with transitions,
I'll give you a grace period where you can evaluate that future version of
NVDA. Once the grace period closes, there's no going back.



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