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It depends on what ports are the issues.

Usb ports can fail, if a system hasn't had a good restart or reformat in a while then that could be a problem.

Your first bet if you have a problem on 1 system is try to make it happen on another.

If you can't, then a reformat may fix it, and if that doesn't you have a broken port or ports so maybe a new board or a new system or whatever.

Driver and bios updates may fix things to.

However its usually unlikely that any blocked port especially online is ever a computer issue as such.

Most routers are isp ones and if you do have your won router and make sure its firmware is updated extenders, computers and tablets you do probably have an isp modem at least.

Your isp is responsible to manage it, so asking for a firmware upgrade push may fix this.

I had an issue at a client who got burgled last year, cameras should have worked but half of them didn't function most of them were new.

All of them had various things to do but still.

Well after trying on mutiple tablets both ios and droid and multiple windows laptops including my own laptop, it was decided to go from the top.

That would be, firstly testing lines, asking the isp then to the camera manufacturers, to checking the hardware we used, and probably eventually reformatting and reinstalling windows on all the computers, to replacing everything, to probably bashing head against a wooden serface in defeat.

The lines were fibre and were fine enough.

The cameras were designed to directly connect to the router and were not needing any special ports to open or anything.

After mentioning the issue to several people I got someone that did the security of the isp and he suggested an update to fix compatability with plug and play devices in the router firmware which he did.

All devices which had been having issues, the camera router, the cameras, the extenders, and everything did connect fine.

Once they were connected all cameras bitched about needing firmware updates for 5 hours straight but as far as I know all cameras have run successfully without trouble.

Due to all the hacking though isps don't like to open ports to anything.

If you have to open a port then its your own risk of course so is the fallout you have to pay if things go wrong for you.

In this case I was lucky.

I have had issues where the isp or company hasn't have anything wrong their end or refuses to acknowledge that there is actually anything wrong at all even though there probably was.

So I have had to go down the line trying to fix it myself, and eventually had to drop whatever it was.

Last year I had such an issue trying to update some older photo and dvd server software for various bits of the net, the software would install but brick the workstation it was on.

After working through trouble shooting and about 5 reformats to the mangled windows system, I have had to basically chuck a grands worth of what was really good software.

I have since replaced some of tit with some free software but still its one of those losses which is just hard to swallow, maybe I held on to that software for to long and hardware to so well thats life I guess.

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That is the same basic idea as windows 7 then. Occasionally you can find issues of blocked ports, but its not always windows fault. It can be the ISP or the router or both.
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1. Press your windows key
2.  Type allow an app then press enter

2. Press alt+n to change settings
3. Press alt+r  to allow another app
4. Press alt+b to browse to the app you wish to add
When you find the executable for the app press enter on it.
5. Tab to add and enter.

Repeat 4 – 6 to add another app.

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Howdy folks,

Using windows 10 version 1803 on my desktop system. For some reason it
doesn't want version 1809. I have to create a couple of exceptions in
windows firewall so that two programs that I frequently use run
properly. I haven't had to do this in years. Has anybody done this
successfully, and could share with me the steps for how to do it. Thanks
a bunch.


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