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I would say that word may be clunky at times, but it shows page breaks and numbers them and can do tables better than Jarte can. It also allows you to set headings etc and do all the formatting once you get used to it.
Myself, it is horses for courses. If I want a quick and dirty program for a passable result, Jarte is fine, otherwise its Word.
I do not consider Libra Office quite there yet with its read all problems and some other issues that stop it being easy to use for us.
If anyone has other solutions that work well with NVDA though I'm sure we are all ears.
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Hi NVDA Group,

I am considering two editing tools for my writing avocation. My
primary Word Program is Jarte; I do have MSWord, 2013, but find it
clunky or clumsy if you prefer so do my writing in Jarte.

FireFox 60 is my browser and I am using a 2018 version of NVDA, love
it and donated to the cause!

Is either Grammarly or ProWritingAid of more benefit to NVDA user?
Does it beep or make an audible tone when perhaps presenting word
choice options?
I have used ProWritingAid online and email the editing report to
myself. It does help me improve!
Thanks for the opinions in advance.

David Russell

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