Re: helpung setting back my synthesizer

Scott VanDeWalle

Thank you so much Tyler.
I'm up and working again.
I've even got nvda coming out of my computer internal speakers, and system access and all other sounds coming out of my external speakers and subwoofer.
Course i picked that, i just felt the need to mention it here.
Now if i could get chicken nugget to work correctly but i think i am going to have to reinstall windows before that happens.
Anyway, thanks again.

Original message:

You switch back the same way you switched.
First, try this.
1. control NVDA s.
2. Wait a few seconds.
3. Press e.
4. Press enter.
That will try to select the first thing that starts with e.
If that didn't work, press CTRL+NVDA+r 3 times quickly. This will reset
your configuration to factory defaults.
Have a great fabulous day!

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