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Inam Uddin

Dear friends, I have just checked it and to me it is working fine!

When I press alt+f the menue is reading fine for me at least.

Not sure what’s wrong with yours one!

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If you are using the desk top version of skype 8 you can use the alt key + letter F key to bring up a menu arrow down to either sign out or quit.


When i last checked a few weeks back nvda could not read the skype menu down in the notification area. I am not sure if some one has made a ticket for this yet?


Gene nz


On 5/03/2019 11:59 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:


Well I have just got into some studdy online and I need skype.

I have got into skype 8, and well, after a little bit of doodling about I must say that ms have actually improved skypes web interface, everything is labeled, now the only issue is I can't access the context menu in skype right click, its about the only thing I can't do, so I can't quit skype without ending the task from task manager.

Its about the only thing I can't do.


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