Re: Draft view in Microsoft word.


I get these in daily digests, so, sorry for the late reply, but draft view strips out the toolbars and also unnecessary font styles to simplify writing. It's far speedier to write and edit documents in. Plus, the ribbon opens quicker too, for some reason. I have no clue how it looks visually, but it even increases the speed of the spell checker, for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm using an older HP laptop with a clogged up registry and god knows what else in here, but if I notice a huge increase in speed, after switching to draft view, it must be stripping visual junk out of the window. I haven't tried it on my 256 GB SSD ACER yet but I've noticed an extremely massive boost in speed and editing speed after switching to draft view. Anyway, can I tell MSW, Microsoft Word, to run Macros as soon as I open documents? The screen reader help for Macros only talks about running them manually, and my only experience with Macros is using an autocorrect backup Macro someone created for word 2003.

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