Re: Reading subtitles in Netflix with NVDA

Mallard <mallard@...>

Thanks Robert.

I'll try this and pass the instructions on to my friend Sergio, who's the one who really wants to read subs.



Il 06/03/2019 14:45, Robert Kingett ha scritto:

Yes, you can use NVDA to read subtitles, but browse mode has to be on. If you use focus mode it probably will not work, never has for me, but what you do is enable subtitles, and then make sure all menus on the Netflix player are closed. Also, make sure Flash is completely removed from your computer, as well as silverlight, so Netflix's player defaults to the HTML 5 one. After you turn subtitles on, wait a few seconds. NVDA should start reading the subtitles, but this never works on a consistent basis. Same with YouTube. Although, if you have an Apple device, VO is far better at reading subtitles and even digital text when a movie plays.

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