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Hi Gene

Refer to

So not necessarily so in some cases.

Regards Adrian Pocock

On 06/03/2019 14:57, Gene wrote:
I doubt portable versions are out of date.  I got a version shortly after quantum came out which was current then and, though I don't use firefox much on my Windows 7 machine, it has often told me updates are available.  What do you base the statement that it is out of date on?
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Hi marcio


You could use a portable version of Firefox but they are out of date and would not reflect your current version.

Secondly let me clarify I didn't mean new Firefox profile in your current user on windows.

I meant a new window user account for testing, what you do there would be seperate to your original setup.  This would allow you to gradually start from scratch, start just with narrator which i just tested and it works with the extensions part of Firefox, enough to give basic navigation.

You might have to also install a fresh Firefox. 

Try running it without any additional addons just to see if all is well with the world.

Then if everything is working install nvda without any addons and test it.

Note    When people say to install a fresh copy of Firefox in your current user Firefox leaves a file relating to various settings and if you dont uninstall Firefox before installing new copy it will use these files and if they are corrupted in some way your problems can continue or even get worse.

Firefox also has a cache it uses which becomes larger over time and which also can cause problems, you can clear it, this is how

Do read this carefully because its best to keep your logon info for sites intact unless you have kept info about them somewhere else.

Also if you do create new windows user set it to admin, turn any updates in Firefox off to preserve functionality to serve as a backup if things go wrong in your usual user account.

Another good idea is to create a portable copy of nvda on a memory stick to preserve a functional version to fall back on.

Bounce an email back if you need any help as we all need a hand from time to time.  Or skype me adrian.mark.pocock

Also please give me an idea if you are navigating purely by audio or audio and magn, the reason i ask this is so i can tailor my help to your needs as i might do something different to someone else as i you both together.

All the best Adrian Pocock

On 06/03/2019 04:51, marcio via Groups.I wrote:
Hi Adrian,
I haven't tried anything you said. I'd like so much to try, though.
Assuming this suggestion would be for the browser, how can I create a new user in Firefox?
Also saying about a portable version, do you suggest me trying it with NVDA or also with the browser?
Thank you so much for the time trying to help me out :)

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Em 06/03/2019 00:55, ADRIAN POCOCK escreveu:

Hi marcio

Have you tried using a portable version to see if it is your present install or nvda not functioning properly.

There is a additional add-on for nvda for extra support for Firefox and thunderbird.

You could also try creating a new user for testing per pose and see if problems still occur.

I personally do not have any problems in the ext section by tabbing and using basic arrow keys.

If any of this helps, hope you resolve this frustrating issue.

Adrian Pocock.

On 06/03/2019 01:25, marcio via Groups.I wrote:
Hello folks,
I'm getting a strange behavior from Firefox.
I'm not sure when or where it actually has started, bu I have a feeling that it started after the last update I got.
The fact is, I can't hear NVDA saying anything but "unknown" when navigating through the options on the extensions' section.
So, anyone else having this issue? Is there I can try to solve it?
Things I've tried so far:
Restoring Firefox
Updating NVDA
Restarting the computer
Still, none of these atempts gave me any result.

Thanks in advance :)


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