Re: NVDA and Editing Tools, What Works?


Hi Brian

Open Office seems great now and I wish I had tried it more frequently.

The issue you mentioned is sort of right, if you use a laptop nvda and a will read continue sly for 3 pages but if you hit the keys again it read the final 3 pages of my word docx file which included many elements tables,graphics,text boxes and standard text.

I feel this is a good quick way to produce and read documents without having to take an exam like modern word for those new comers especially.  The Alt text explanation is great its meaningful and doesn't assume a lot of prior knowledge.

Regards Adrian Pocock

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But can you read a whole document yet? Certainly Libra seems not to have that capacity with nvda due to the problem of nvda not knowing the difference between a blank line and the end of the file.

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David Russell

I just revisited open office as i to tend to use jart a lot and dont really like modern officeword.

They must have done a lot since i last tried it, its really good now and good alt text description.

Regards Adrian Pocock.

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David Russell

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