trying to sync albums to iPod Shuffle from iTunes using NVDA

Clarissa Mitchell

Hello all. I'm trying to sync my iPod shuffle, and I'm running into a
little problem. I want to sync particular albums. I can choose artists
from my library just fine, but it syncs their entire collection I have
in my library, including Christmas albums, which I don't want on my
iPod in March! But when I go to the list of albums and try to select
the ones I want, I get nothing. NVDA says absolutely nothing. I've
tried this with a demo version of JAWS 2019 and got the same result:
absolutely nothing. The only other list where this happens is genres.
The lists of artists and playlists read fine. This makes me think
something needs to be configured in my iTunes. The only other way I
can think to do this would be to create a new playlist, add all the
albums to it and just sync the one playlist. That might work, since
the playlists are being read. By the way, I am running the latest
version of iTunes, on the latest Windows 10. Can anyone help with

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