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Hello All,

            The next few weeks are going to mark a period of transition, and a transition supported by both myself and Nimer Jaber, the list owner.

             This topic is just the sort of thing the Chat subgroup is meant for, and where extended discussion of LaTeX itself can shine, unencumbered.  Then there will also exist an online archive of what you all share with each other that you have easy access to later (and we all forget some detail we know was discussed at some point).

             I have taken the liberty of starting a topic there for you all to continue with:  LaTeX Document Preparation/Typesetting System

             I am begging all of you who want to get into LaTeX "hot and heavy" with each other to take it to the Chat subgroup, which any member of the NVDA group can subscribe to by sending a message to chat+subscribe@nvda.groups.io and then post to using chat@nvda.groups.io.

             I will leave this topic open for several hours, so that those who may not have yet subscribed to the Chat subgroup can do so, but will lock it later this evening.  After you have subscribed to the Chat subgroup, feel free to post to this message indicating such.  I can then post another "bump" message on the above noted topic so that an e-mail will land in your inbox to let you join in on the discussion.


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