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         At this point I'm allowing for "farewell tours" for topics already well underway.   I appreciate your thoughtful consideration.

         That having been said, this topic is about NVDA being used with Firefox, so it would certainly qualify for main group.  Were a conversation about Firefox and all its various settings be wanted, but not because there's any NVDA related content of significance about that, the chat group is the place to start it.

           The question I'd like people to ask themselves before choosing main versus chat is:  Does what I'm about to discuss involve using NVDA to accomplish a task with some program or NVDA settings to control NVDA itself?    If the answer is yes, then go for the main group, and if it's no then go for chat.

            You really can't discuss NVDA or any other screen reader without it being directly linked to accomplishing a task with other software.  Screen readers are tools that are "dead assets" unless you're using them with something else.   But you can go on for days about other software, with barely a mention of NVDA, and that's what belongs on the chat subgroup rather than the main group.

           There can be no 100% purity in either venue.  But the thrust of a topic is pretty clear even before it starts in most cases.  The LaTeX topic being a perfect example.  Since it's used with a text editor there will be very little NVDA related content when discussing LaTeX.

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