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Curtis Delzer

thank you again George, my huge problem is that I cannot get the combo box to change when I wish any filter to deposit messages in any folder under my inbox for the account I am working in.

I'll try that example, as you know I've not been able to install anything yet which my browser found to my download folder into Thunder Bird yet, but now you've shown me the way.

I'll go to the NVDA add-on page and get the t-bird add-on, thanks!

George, I recall your name from the "readit," days, remember that fine reader / file handler? :) I go a ways back, so as you can tell I've been doing computers for awhile. :)

Seems to me you had a bit to do with that software?

On 3/6/2019 8:09 PM, George McCoy wrote:

Hello again, Curtis.

I haven't followed your Thunder bird trials and tribulations closely, so the following is based on some assumptions.

1.  You are trying to install the quick folder navigation add-on.

2.  You are using the instructions in the tutorial on accessibility central.

3.  You have downloaded the .xpi file.

If my assumptions are incorrect, you can probably skip the rest of this email.

You will recall that I mentioned that a few things in the tutorial are out of date.  The section on installing the quick folder navigation add-on is one of those.  Try the following instead.

Click tools>add-ons.
Select extensions in the list.
Click the tools for all add-ons button. This is a little quirky.  Tab to the button and press spacebar.  Doing that doesn't click it, at least for me.  You then have to route the mouse to that button and click it with the left click key.  If you don't press spacebar first, you may get an object has no location message from NVDA.

Select install add-on from file from the menu.

Navigate to the the quick folders navigation add-on.  Press enter or click the open button to install the add-on.

Also, you should install the mozilla enhancements add-on for NvDA, if you haven't already done so.  It makes both Thunder bird and firefox easier to use.  The best thing about this add-on as far as Thunder bird is concerned is that it makes arranging message headers much easier.



On 3/6/2019 2:12 AM, Curtis Delzer wrote:

the issue I have is that I can't get the button to import from add-on manager. the download happened in my browser, Chrome, and the xpi file is, I thought if I just associate the file to thunderbird.exe it would work. but, instead, thunderbird just created an outgoing message with the add-on as an attachment. :) There is suppose to be a button somewhere near the seach feature in the add-on, but when I go to "all add-ons that my browser comes up and I am back to the beginning of having them download to my download area and not directly into T-bird. Again, the issue is finding that import button in the add-on manager which is suppose to be right next to the "search" button according to the help I read.

On 3/5/2019 9:45 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, Curt,


For the add-on to work, you have to close thunderbird and then restart it.






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I've downloaded the add-on, how to get it into my thunderbird?  thanks guys for the off-topic messages.


On 3/4/2019 3:43 PM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:

The add-on you are talking about is called Quick Folder Navigation. It's actually quite good and I do use it on my Thunderbird :)

Em 04/03/2019 20:38, Brice Mijares escreveu:

Try opening the message, hit alt m, m again, then right arrow and then you can arrow up or down to the folder you want and hit enter and the message will go into that folder. There is a add on that escapes my memory. Something like single key navigation that will move you to the folders quicker.
On 3/4/2019 3:10 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:

My thing is that I cannot get Thunderbird to change folders where I wish messages to go in that combobox of my folders. I've made folders for message groups E.G. nvda, windows ten, blindtech, etc. but how to get them to change? I press enter and get an error message so what is the secret?

On 3/4/2019 10:14 AM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:

Em 04/03/2019 14:59, ADRIAN POCOCK escreveu:

Also is there a way of having more than one filter applied to the sorting order of emails in inbox.

To my knowledge, one can have as many filters as one needs. You just need to pay attention on the filters' order, because they will run according with what you have done first.

Lastly does anyone know of any add-on to move all messages from one subject as in the threads to create one combined email.

You don't need an add-on to do it, not really. On the "order by" (or something like that) menu, you'll find an option to group the messages on a certain subject in only one thread.

Sorry, I believe I couldn't help as much as I'd like, but I hope you find at least one thing that I just wrote useful for answering your questions.





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