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I'm not sure, but I think the version before that one worked correctly. Somebody needs to make a ticket on the Firefox bug tracker or it can be put on the nvda one if you want, and maybe Jamie can advise as he was on there the other day trying to understand a different issue in Firefox, I noticed.

This though is a Firefox issue as it was working before.

I only went there to check prompted by this thread, and as has been said, I knew it was working earlier.
Incidentally which version of Windows is everyone using, windows 7 or does it not matter?

Its a minor issue but annoying nonetheless if you want to add or look at what other add ons are installed.

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Hello. I am getting the same thing and I also noticed it was occurring in the previous version so whats going on here? I even cleared out the cookies and cash along with the history entries and am still getting this. I guess for now I have to use the tab and shift tab to get around this annoying bug. I am also getting the same thing on my other windows 10 machine. Maybe the NVDA add on for Thunderbird and fire fox needs to be updated? I just don't know. Maybe when the new version of nvda comes out those issues will go away. Just my thoughts.
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