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Hello Chris,
Thank you very much for that re assurance, it is much appreciated.
Are you having any problems with the new version? my needs are not very complex.
I have loads of disc space available, so it may have been just a generic message, and I did block it from the start.
I know this is a bit off topic, but others may benifit from your explanation.
Best Regards, Jim.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] O T, windows update


This will be the update to Windows 1809 which I installed last week and prior to that I had similar messages.  This is what is known as a feature update and is different to normal updates as it creates a Windows.Old folder containing the previous Windows version, which gives you the option to revert back to the previous version if you want.  The Windows.Old folder on my system is just over 8Gb in size and I suspect the message about making space available you are getting, relates to having enough disk space to accommodate this folder.  Windows.Old will automatically deleted after a few weeks, giving time for you to get used to the new Windows version.


Your system may have attempted to update to 1809 but doesn’t have sufficient disk space available.  Have a look in  Settings (Windows+i), Update and Security, Windows Update then tab to “View Update History”.  You should be able to check what is happening in there.






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Subject: [nvda] O T, windows update




My a pologies for the off topic message, but has anyone had a similar experience as I am having at the moment.

Several weeks ago I got a message purporting to come from Microsoft asking me to free up space for a new update which was larger than normal, I chose to be reminded later, since then the message changed to a choice of “pick a time”or “remind me later”, now it is saying either “restart now” or “wait an hour”.

So far I have not allowed this update, has anyone else had this experience, it seems a different procedure to earlier updates, by the way I have version 1803 at the moment.

Thank you for any comments and advice.


  Best Regards, Jim.

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