Re: Soulseek qt and NVDA?

Sarah k Alawami

You sent this to the list actually.

Take care

On 6 Mar 2019, at 23:14, Tyler Wood wrote:

I'm emailing you privately.

I'm honestly not sure of what advantages the upgrade brings. Maybe you can tell me as I literally just started using this program today. Maybe you can tell me if I'm missing out on something important.

It seems to be a pain to browse search results, especially and I have to use object nav, but it is doable.

The link I used was:

Please let me know what you discover and if the older version works better, please let me know. If you could be so kind as to provide a link that would also help too especially if you notice huge improvements without much actual new features.

My biggest issue right now is trying to figure out how to collapse the list of folders/files when I browse a user's directories. And also how so many users seem to have folders labeled as a number (like 1) followed by info about their shares. Super neat.

For reference I'm wolfman1360 on there, if that helps.

On 2019-03-06 11:37 p.m., Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Tyler,

I have been running a very old Soulseek version 157 beta 13 for more than a decade and it still works quite well.  I didn't think anything past that version worked with screen readers--something about a programming language that is totally incompatible. Where can I get the 2017 version?  What would be the advantages of this upgrade?

On 3/6/2019 7:41 PM, Tyler Wood wrote:


I'm currently running soulseek 2017.2.20 and am able to use it relatively easily.

Upgrade to the latest build, 2018.11, and accessibility goes utterly and completely out the window. Tabbing and shift tabbing yields absolutely 0 results, similarly using the arrow keys.

I read somewhere that there were some DLL files that could perhaps make QT programs more accessible and intuitive to screen readers. Is this still around and if so, does anyone know how to go about this?

Thanks for any help.

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