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Bhavya shah

Dear all,

My sincerest apologies for my own delayed response to all your prompt

• I am not entirely sure of the exact model of my keyboard. However,
broadly, it should be a Lapcare Alfa USB Wired Keyboard. I shall hunt
for the keyboard’s manual tomorrow or seek sighted assistance in
obtaining the same information from the keyboard itself. Once I have
that, I will revert sharing the particulars of the make and model of
my USB keyboard.
• I, too, suspect that changing the Bios of my laptop will not have
any effect on my problem with an external device.
• I doubt Sharp Keys or other key remapping software will be of use
because my issue is not with the positioning of keys or needing to
press Fn+F12 to emulate the F12 key or anything along those lines.
Rather, my issue lies with the order in which this external keyboard
demands of me to press keys in a multi-key combination - always
needing to hold down Fn first and then the rest of the keystroke (for
all key combinations involving the Fn key).
• Pressing Fn+Esc has not resolved my problem either.

I don’t see any solution in sight at the present instant, except for
the possibility that I discover some secret on getting details about
my device and subsequently reading its manual. Thus, I have been
trying my best to adjust with this new sequence of pressing keys and
issuing keyboard shortcuts. While I still sometimes end up not
pressing the Fn key first thus issuing a key command other than what I
desired to issue, I am able to somewhat cope with this new system. A
remedy to this oddity would still be immensely useful though.


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That will not help since he already said that the laptop keyboard is normal,

unless the keyboard is normal on that pc but not on another and it is the
other which causes the issue.
Its imperative to know the make and model of the offending combination.

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I think you may need to go in to the bios settings of your machine to change

the behavior of the function key

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Dear all,

I apologize for this not being strictly NVDA related, but more in regards to

adapting to a keyboard which poses unique challenges in the issuance of NVDA

key commands. I recently purchased an external keyboard which was overall
great value for money, apart from one pestiferous problem.

To emulate the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down functions, I need to press
the Function (Fn) key in conjunction with the arrow keys. This is not
atypical for me as I need to do this even on my built in laptop keyboard.
However, on my laptop, I am absolutely used to pressing Ctrl followed by
Function followed by right arrow for Ctrl+Home, whereas on this new external

keyboard, I need to hold down Function first, and then press keys like Ctrl

and right arrow. This is getting particularly problematic since my brain is

wired to use the Function key preceding an arrow key only when I want to
select an entire line or page as opposed to holding down Function first and

foremost, and then pressing things like NVDA modifier+Shift+right arrow to
read the status bar.

Is there any way - software settting or device setup or otherwise - by which

I can get this external keyboard to act similar to my laptop keyboard, in
that I need to press the Function key only before the arrow keys or the key

whose secondary function will be induced as opposed to the first key in any

multi-key combinaition?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in this regard.


Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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