Re: Accessible Lightweight PDF Viewers

Daniel Wolak


I'd recommend QRead for this purpose, although not sure if it's exactly
what you're looking for.


On 07/03/2019 20:27, Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear all,

I currently have a 144 mb file that is one of my Physics textbooks.
From the file size, it is easy to infer the massiveness of this
document. Hence, opening it in Adobe Acrobat DC is not always
practical as it takes an infeasible amount of time to load all pages.
Hence, I am in need of some alternate accessible PDF viewing solution
which is relatively lightweight and is likely to be substantially
quicker in loading a large PDF for viewership.

Alternatively, another approach towards addressing my needs that I can
think of is to split this huge PDF into a bunch of different PDFs
which individually are smaller files and thus likely to be faster to
open. In case you are aware of some tool to split a large PDF file
into a few smaller ones, I would appreciate if you could share those
as well.

I am open to using both of the above approaches simultaneously for
maximally mitigating the current problem as well, if need be.


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