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command >command.txt
Where command is the command including switches, that you want in the text file. The file will be in the folder used by the prompt, though of course you can force it elsewhere in the normal ways, but remember quotes if you are using long names.
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I also couldn't figure out a way of reading the information presented on
the screen.
As a workaround, if you want, you could try what follows:
1. Being on the prompt, press "ALT+Spacebar"
2. Up/down arrow until you find "edit" and press enter
3. Up/down arrow until you find "select all" and press enter.
You've just selected all the content which is on the screen at this point.
4. Press "ALT+Spacebar" again
5. Up/down arrow until "edit"
6. Up/down arrow until "copy".
You've just copied what you selected. Now all that content is on your
7. Open Notepad and paste the content there so you can read.


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Em 07/03/2019 22:58, Howard Traxler escreveu:
Hi all,

Using NVDA in Windows 10:

When I "run" the cmd command I get the system command prompt. Then I
type in a command such as DIR or shutdown followed by slash question
mark. I get a screen full of command line switch options but I can't
figure out how to get NVDA to read them to me. Probably one of the
review modes, but I just can't figure it out. Can anyone help, please?



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