Re: weather plus addon

Adriano Barbieri

Hi to every one,

WP is practically ready!

Bring some more patience, we are arranging the documentation and translations.

Unfortunately, some translators are no longer reachable, and I count on the work that Noelia has proposed to do with the automatic translation system; will have a lot 'of work to do because WP is very well documented, this is one of the reasons that I have always avoided the automatic system, but we will see how Noelia will solve this thing, I rely a lot on her.

In a few daysI will update Weather Plus and it will be better than before :)) then Noelia, when she wants, can insert WP in the translation system.




Il 07/03/2019 17:26, Don H ha scritto:
Is the weather plus addon ever coming back?  Miss using it everyday.

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