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Ângelo Abrantes

Does this mean that weather plus old translators should wait?
At this moment, I was about to change the instructions, in accordance with what had been sent to us by Remy.
Can I continue or should I suspend this work?
Best regards.
Ângelo Abrantes, NVDAs' Portuguese team.
Às 10:49 de 08-03-2019, Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io escreveu:

Hi to every one,

WP is practically ready!

Bring some more patience, we are arranging the documentation and translations.

Unfortunately, some translators are no longer reachable, and I count on the work that Noelia has proposed to do with the automatic translation system; will have a lot 'of work to do because WP is very well documented, this is one of the reasons that I have always avoided the automatic system, but we will see how Noelia will solve this thing, I rely a lot on her.

In a few daysI will update Weather Plus and it will be better than before :)) then Noelia, when she wants, can insert WP in the translation system.




Il 07/03/2019 17:26, Don H ha scritto:
Is the weather plus addon ever coming back?  Miss using it everyday.

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