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Well the use of redirection to either the clipboard or text file has been a mainstay since the first pc and used by most users of cmd especially those not used of it to learn, the hint was in the original post when they mentioned the use of ? after a command which gives help on that command in terms of all the switches you can use.  You can also type help > txt file to get help on using cmd.  Also you could use a text file convert it to mp3 to learn on the move.

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On 08/03/2019 04:42, Gene wrote:
All this doesn't teach people how to review the screen and if you are going to use the Command prompt to any extent, you need to know how.  I hope those who know more about this will write more. 
it appears to me that if you are in object navigation mode, you can use the regular review commands, numpad 7, 8, 9, move left by line, read current line and move right by line, to review what is on the screen.  4, 5 and 6 are left one word, current word, right one word.  1, 2, 3, are the same but by character. 
If you want to move to the top of the navigator object, use shift 7.  To move to the bottom, use shift 9.  In the command prompt, the entire screen is one single navigator object.  So shift 7 moves you to the top of the screen and shift 9 moves you to the bottom.
To move to the beginning of a line, use shift 1.  To move to the end, use shift 3.
I believe these commands work when expected in the DOS prompt but I've only tried them a very few times.  But all these methods of piping output to a file, while useful at times, are really often ways to get around basic knowledge of NVDA, which is useful in many contexts, not just this one.
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On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 10:40 PM, ADRIAN POCOCK wrote:
and i think there was a cmd to place it on the clipboard but its slipped my mind.
Adrian, I was typing about redirection and append commands at the same time you wrote your message.  You are correct about the clipboard. You just use the pipe command with the word "clip" after it, e.g.,

                              dir /? | clip

and the output goes straight to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

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