want to install NVDA in our office in india

Aravind R

dear friends,

i'm aravind from chennai, india.
we want to install NVDA officially inside our government offices india.
for personal purposes, NVDA is free and need not be an authorised software.
but, our companies require an official authorised copy of NVDA sold
through DVDs etc exactly like how jaws is purchased.
is there any way we can guide our banks to obtain an official copy of
NVDA friends?

nothing is difficult unless you make it appear so.

r. aravind,

Assistant manager
Department of sales
bank of baroda retail loan factory, Chennai.
mobile no: +91 9940369593, 9710945613.
email id : aravind_069@yahoo.com, aravind.andhrabank@gmail.com.

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