Re: Ad blocker for NVDA and Firefox?

JM Casey

I haven’t figured this out. I thought there was only the one big button, which some people seem to call a “power” button, maybe because of the way it looks? Anyway, I need to spend some more time with this add-on.




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Ad blocker for NVDA and Firefox?


Another vote for uBlock Origin.

That being said, does anyone here know how to get to the various control buttons that are physically located to the right of the address bar, e.g., the Firefox menu button plus all of the buttons that get put there as you add add-ons?   I could swear that I once posted the technique to get to these, but I can find nothing in my own notes.  It has to be possible to navigate to these somehow, but it's not nearly as easy as it is under Chrome.

When I take the mouse over these controls, NVDA definitely announces them, but what I cannot seem to do is find the magic technique to actually throw focus on to any of them.


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