Re: Using NVDA Remote.


I copied these instructions and saved them, but forgot to note who
wrote them. Anyway, they did a great job explaining the process, so
here it is.


The Following is the process for setting up a NVDA remote session.
First, take jaws out of the equasion. Both you and the other party
need to have NVdA installed. You also need the NVDA remote add-on.
To establish a remote connection, your helper will need to do the following.

1. Go to the NVDA menu and arrow down to tools.

Expand the tools submenu with the right arrow key,
then arrow down to remote.

Expand the remote submenu with the right arrow key.

The first option will be connect.
Press enter. You will land on 2 radio buttons that say client and server.

Choose client which is the first button.

Tab once and you will land on another radio button with 2 choices,
control another computer, and allow my computer to be controlled.

Your helper will choose the button, control another computer.

Tab once and enter the NVDA remote server. It is:

Tab once more. You will be in a field that asks you for a key.

You can either choose your own or have the system generate one for you.

I usually just choose a simple 4 digit key. Next, tab to the ok button.

Now what you have to do is pretty much the same,

except when you get to the radio buttons that say, control another
computer, or allow my computer to be controlled, arrow down to the
second button.

Then tab and type in the remote server name:

Tab once and enter the same key that your helper chose.

Tab to the ok button and press enter.

You should hear a tone and you should be connected.

Your helper can toggle between controlling their computer and yours
with the f11 key.

I hope this helps, kind of a long winded explanation but I wanted to
get all the steps down.

On 3/9/19, zahra <> wrote:
nvda remote is only my beloved addon in nvda that i use.
you can read its documentation hear.

On 3/9/19, George Zaynoun <> wrote:
Hello, would like to learn how to use NVDA Remote, I have this addon
but don't know how to use it, when to be client and when to be server
etc, please help with step-by-step instructions; thanks.

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