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While we're at it, I press enter on an email in Outlook, and it doesn't immediately open. I have to press enter twice.

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Subject: [nvda] Threaded emails view in Outlook

Hello all and especially Brian Vogel,
I was trying to use Outlook with Threaded list of emails view. Brian Vogel gave me advice that I should navigate through this list using
Control+Up and Down arrows to prevent the threads from autoexpanding.
That works at first glance, but here is the problem I ran into. Supposed I am initially at the very first email in the list. I press Control+Down a few times until I find the right email that I want to open. Suppose that's just a single email, not a thread. However, when I press Enter on it, Outlook would open the very first email in the list, not the one that I selected using Control+Down arrow. It feels like there are two types of cursors there and Control+Down is moving the wrong type. So how to open the right email? Is there perhaps a keystroke to sync these two cursors?

I was trying to do it naive way - Once I'm on the right email with
Control+Down, I would try to press up and then down, but then again,
because the threads are autoexpanding on me, pressing up and then down doesn't necessarily bring you to the same email. Do you have any other suggestions?


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