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JM Casey

Brian, that makes sense; I thought it must be something like that, I was just leary of using the term “power button” without any sort of context for what that meant.




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What is needed is an ad blocker with a hot key toggle that can be disabled and re enabled at will, including the refresh required to get that page back.

Then you would be well advised to contact the developer of your favorite ad-blocker asking for same.  Over the years that's how a number of features came to be.

As a side note to JM, it is appropriate to describe the on/off button for uBlock Origin as looking like a power button, because it does.  He uses a huge version of the graphic (relatively speaking) for the button to toggle uBlock Origin off.  Clicked on it alone you get uBlock Origin disabled for the site itself that you're visiting.  If you CTRL+click it then it's disabled only for the page you're viewing.  Disabling uBlock Origin for a specific site or page "sticks" unless you reenable it.  It will still be disabled on later visits unless it's reenabled.

For those using NVDA and Firefox, if you have frequent need to toggle uBlock Origin off and on it's an almost perfect function to use Golden Cursor for, as you can get yourself to the button positions "instantly" rather than having to use object navigation repeatedly to find them.

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