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Tony Malykh


I have View ribbon > show messages as conversations > Conversation Settings > Always expand selected conversation unchecked, yet Outlook still keeps autoexpanding conversations. Am I doing something wrong? As a result Up arrow / Down arrow trick doesn't work for me.

On 3/9/2019 11:21 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:


           Beautiful description of the general case when it comes to lists.  I often tell my students that when they land in a list and on the first item that they cannot and should not assume it's selected.  A quick down then up arrow ensures that it is.

            As you said, CTRL plus up or down arrow allows list traversal without selection occurring, which is precisely why individual conversations do not open when you're running through the list.  The default behavior with Outlook is the moment a conversation is selected it will be auto-expanded (which can be turned off, but it's not by default).

            If you know you've landed on a conversation that you wish to review the messages contained within, then select and expand it and use regular up/down arrow as you go through it.


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