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Hi there: I’m not sure if that’s a feature with NVDA or not. I seen this with my win 7 before.  I thought it was the site. Yes Cela is under construction.  I’ve been busy with an online course. I haven’t been on the cela site since January.  Or early February.  During that time, my win 7 bit the dust.  I now have a win ten box.  I now use Chrome as a default browser.  I’ll try Cela using it.  I find Chrome preforms faster then IE and firefox. 


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From: Monte Single
Sent: March 9, 2019 6:39 PM
Subject: [nvda] bread crumb


Using win 7 with nvda and firefox.


Currently, well for the last two weeks, the CELA library here in Canada has been undergoin y  a major makeover along with a bookshare merge.

Most of it seems pretty haywire; when I do a search I think I am getting just bookshare results.  The CELA   help people tell me they are working on it.

When I do a search, I am getting  something I have never heard before.  After I press the search button and  press h for heading a couple of times, I hear;


“bread crumb navigation”


Is this  a NVDA  feature?




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