Re: bread crumb

Sarah k Alawami

No it is not. It is a way for you to keep track of where you were and what path you too to get there like the bread crumbs Hanzel and grettle used to find their way hrough a forest.

On 9 Mar 2019, at 18:39, Monte Single wrote:

Using win 7 with nvda and firefox.


Currently, well for the last two weeks, the CELA library here in Canada has been undergoin y  a major makeover along with a bookshare merge.

Most of it seems pretty haywire; when I do a search I think I am getting just bookshare results.  The CELA   help people tell me they are working on it.

When I do a search, I am getting  something I have never heard before.  After I press the search button and  press h for heading a couple of times, I hear;


“bread crumb navigation”


Is this  a NVDA  feature?



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