Re: can't select list item in schrome with nvda 2019.1 beta

Adriani Botez



I think there seems to be a bug indeed. Thanks for reporting. I have done folowing:

  1. Accessed the link and typed my e-mail address
  2. Right next to back button there is a list where we should choose an item, I tried to choose an item.


Actual: in Firefox it works only when pressing nvda+space to activate focus mode manually, then press tab once or twice to land on the list, then oyu can use up and down arrow to choose.

In crhome the browser crashes and NVDA shows several errors in the log file.



NVDA should atuomatically switch to focus mode when pressing enter on the list and with lat+down arrow we should be able to expand the list and to choose an item.

In Chrome the application should not crash


I will open two issues on github accordingly.







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Gesendet: Sonntag, 10. März 2019 10:58
Betreff: [nvda] can't select list item in schrome with nvda 2019.1 beta



The link below opens a google form.

It is in portuguese. In the first step you have to fill the e-mail and tab to the “próximo button”.

The second step opens a list and the user is required to select one item.

In nvda 2018.4.1., the focused item is selected by default.

Nvda 2019.1 beta says that the item is unselected. I tried to press spacebar to select the item but schrome closed.

I also tried to join the mouse to the navigator object and click it. But it didn’t work eather.



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