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Well yes I guess that would work, but in my case I have such a lot of rules and groups on this account, changing it all is just too much. I occasionally do contact my isp, but they never seem to actually reply though sometimes well most times they fix the blacklist in a week or so. I'm suspecting it is almost an automatic process, and it gets re enabled after some time has elapsed.
Many isps will not engage with users about how they bounce or spam mark emails, as they say its going to put information into the hands of people who might reveal it to the spammer.

This is also why sometimes messages arrive out of sequence as they seem to have some kind of delay on some emails.
Thorny problem and one I suspect will be with us forever on and off.

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I wonder if the problem is more complicated or perhaps I should say, more difficult to resolve. Some messages must be getting to the list and from the list because the person has been participating in threads. So I wonder if there is a technical difficulty that will be difficult to figure out. Perhaps the problem will resolve itself over time.

Of course, there is no reason not to contact the provider but I wonder if it would be better to get a GMail Account and use it for mail. Off and on, a message from a list ends up in spam but not often and I haven't had a bouncing problem since I started using GMail for mail many months ago.

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Your email service provider is what bounces e-mail messages, and if using the "unbounce request" doesn't resolve it, then you need to contact your email service provider and ask them to whitelist any domain that ends in

I recently posted about issues with Earthlink blocking messages as spam.

If customers complain, and make it clear that is a subscription e-mail list service, these issues with blocking/bouncing are likely to get resolved both more rapidly and more permanently.

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