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Hi Brian and all.

Thanks for the advice.

I think it has now been resolved.

In on the web you have to hit settings.

Scroll down to hit more settings.

type safe.

This presents options relating to blocked, safe and newsgroup domains.

Add to both safe domain and newsgroups, when you have entered this in the field type enter key after and after you complete changes press save or discard and that is it.

Whilst your there have a look at what has and has not been blocked just in case any other group address is in the blocked list.

Regards Adrian.

On 09/03/2019 19:26, Brian Vogel wrote:

Your email service provider is what bounces e-mail messages, and if using the "unbounce request" doesn't resolve it, then you need to contact your email service provider and ask them to whitelist any domain that ends in

I recently posted about issues with Earthlink blocking messages as spam.

If customers complain, and make it clear that is a subscription e-mail list service, these issues with blocking/bouncing are likely to get resolved both more rapidly and more permanently.

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