locked Re: NVDA for Android and IOS

Antony Stone

The effort involved in "converting" NVDA to run on anything other than Windows
would in my opinion be greater than starting from scratch (but with a good
understanding of what a screenreader should provide for the user) and writing
new code.

Android (alongside which you might as well include Linux systems in general)
and iOS work so completely differently from Windows that very little of the
code which has been created for NVDA would be useful or transferrable.

I've no idea how "easily" the Linux Orca screenreader system might be
transferrable to Android, but that's about the only possibility I can think of
for re-using code from an existing project to work on a different operating



On Sunday 10 March 2019 at 16:16:45, Sociohack AC wrote:

Are there any plans in the pipeline for developing an NVDA app for Android
and IOS? Is it possible? Right now, Talkback and Voiceover do support
external keyboard, but it would be so much more convenient if there could
be an NVDA application for mobile phones with similar commands as that of
a PC. What do you guys think? --
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