Re: A web site with a double life


I'm not fond of mobile-optimized websites.
The reason is most of the time I'm using my laptop and almost never use my smartphone or any other mobile device to really browse through something.
And, while using a mobile-optimized website on a mobile can be excellent, on the other hand it can be a real hell to use the same website on the computer, because of how things are organized on the screen on a mobile-optimized website.
After all, it's all about preference :)

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Em 10/03/2019 14:06, Antony Stone escreveu:

Many websites do present different content based on the browser they detect is 
visiting them.

Sometimes this is good (eg: for mobile devices, they get the mobile-optimised 
version), but sometimes it is bad.

I recommend contacting the admin of the website to tell them how this is 
interfering with usability.


On Sunday 10 March 2019 at 17:41:52, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io 

There is a website called
 Its a Canadian site, but has podcasts about accessible tech.
 However, when I view it in foirefox or waterfox I cannot find a link to
the basic podcast address, only I tunes and some specific apps. However
when I visit it in Safari on the I phone I see the normal link leaving me
in the silly position of copying over the  link feeds.bla bala to the pc
podcatcher address  field manually. Is this a  waterfox/firefox thing? or
is it me or perhaps an nvda thing. I'm using the latest beta of nvda


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