Re: irc clients and nvda


IRC! I can't tell you how much time I haven't heard of it :)
Well I don't know of any accessible client. Last time I used it, quite a while back, I've used a basic client developed by brazilian folks for another program called DOSVOX. I doubt anyone on this list will know about this program, by the way.

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Em 10/03/2019 09:36, Daniel Wolak escreveu:

        Hi all,

I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an irc client 
that works with NVDA? I was using chatzilla for the longest time, and 
liked how I could review the output window as well.

I tried mirc, however found that reviewing output with object nav 
(assuming there's not a more affective way to do it) often didn't 
contain all the text, and missed the last few lines.

Thanks for any help,


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