locked Re: OT: Stascom 2019 is available for download


LOL, without a description to want me to click on it, no go. There needs to be some description, even a headline style one liner. Since there isn't, I've already spent too much time on this subject.

Besides, if not NVDA related, this should have been posted to chat in the first place, not here.


On 3/10/2019 8:24 AM, Jaffar Sidek wrote:

And he has kindly put the website's link in his message.  There shouldn't be any excuse as the info  is just a click away.

On 3/10/2019 7:58 PM, ADRIAN POCOCK wrote:


There is no real description of what this program is for.  So as not to waste peoples time with something they are not interested in.

Regards Adrian.

On 10/03/2019 11:45, Christo de Klerk wrote:

Hello all

Those of you who use and have come to love the free Stascom utilities by Jacques Stassen, take note that Stascom 2019 has just been released. This release has many new exciting features. To those who have not used the program, I recommend that you give it a try. You can download it from:


Kind regards


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