Re: Zoomtext and nvda


hi Desert Moon

I have got these cmds written down from their site, but do they interfere with nvda key.

I use win7 mostly and have win 10 on ice.

By what you said it seems not necessary to spend the money on it for win 10, but what about win 7.  Does it give much more than using built in magn full screen with nvda.

Also can you run it from thumb drive or is it for one system only.

Regards Adrian Pocock

On 10/03/2019 20:20, Desert Moon via Groups.Io wrote:

Hello Adrian,


I use ZoomText 10.1 at work and soon will be upgrading. ZoomText 11 is a legacy product. The latest version is 2019.


In the Desktop Layout Mode, the main modifier key is Caps Lock. And in the Laptop Layout Mode, the modifier keys are Caps Lock + Alt.


For your interest, here are some ZoomText Hotkey Commands that every user should know

Zoom In / Out    Caps Lock + Up / Down

Zoom to 1x (toggle)        Caps Lock + Enter

Enhance Colors On/Off   Caps Lock + C

Show User Interface       Caps Lock + Ctrl + U

ZoomText On/Off            Caps Lock + Ctrl + Enter

Launch AppReader         Caps Lock + Alt + A

Voice Faster / Slower     Caps Lock + Alt + Up / Down

Voice On/Off      Caps Lock + Alt + Enter

Quiet    Ctrl


If you have Windows 10, I don’ think you need ZoomText. Most of its functions can be achieved with the accessibility features native to Windows 10 and NVDA.




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