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Hi Brian

Thank you for the info, gives me something to think about.

Regards Adrian Pocock

On 10/03/2019 20:36, Brian Vogel wrote:
If magnification is mostly what you're looking for then I'd definitely look at the Windows 10 magnifier under Settings, Ease of Access.  If you need some of the functions related to tweaking foreground and background color and/or App Reader or Doc Reader then the Windows built-in is not nearly so sophisticated.

You should be able to use ZoomText (even a legacy version) with NVDA provided you choose a keyboard layout for each where there is not a conflict between keyboard shortcuts, as one or the other will be "the winner" and I believe that may be the program that loaded the most recently.

I used ZoomText with JAWS in the days before ZoomText Fusion with a client in the process of losing his sight who had good days where ZoomText was enough, in between days where we used both (sometimes at once), and bad days where it was strictly screen reader.

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